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Universally/globally on your site, using the custom CSS injector. On a specific page, using the page’s advanced code injection settings. Inline on a page, using a code block. If I use method #1 to pop my basic h1 font CSS into my sitewide custom CSS injector, it’s essentially going to affect any text on my site where h1 is used. CSS core values for changing mouse cursor. Here is the list of the all values which has been defined in CSS core programming. You can use one of the below listed values to change the pointer/cursor of your website: cursor:crosshair; cursor:e-resize; cursor:help; cursor:move; cursor:n-resize; cursor:ne-resize; crosshair; 十字准心. The cursor render as a crosshair 游标表现为十字准线. cursor: pointer; cursor: hand; 写两个是为了照顾IE5,它只认hand。 手. The cursor render as a pointer (a hand) that indicates a link 游标以暗示(手指)的形式来表明有一个连接. cursor: wait; 等待/沙漏