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Gil Farming. Find silver pampas in a A Dying World, in the north-west section of the map. It's a rare monster but is common enough to be worth farming. Killing it will reward you with 2,000 Gil and CP, you can easily rack-up CP/Gil in thousands at this spot.There are some augmented items from gold chests in Abyssea that may still be feasible to farm for gil. I did a CW-burn for my TH sash from Abyssea-La'thiene last week, and at 14k a pop, Ransetsu Jinpachis made me a fair amount of gil per hour, not to mention Dragon Meat at 800k/stack. Temtem Pansun Escape from Tarkov World of warcraft gold Wow gold Cheap wow gold Wow power leveling FFXIV Gold Final Fantasy XI Wow items Wow Classic gold Wow gear Cheap runescape gold Buy cheap FFXI Gil Fifa 20 Coins FFXI Gil sitemap. Registered Names and Trademarks are the copyright and property of their respective owners.