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May 29, 2019 · More education leads to higher earnings but the gender pay gap is wider among men and women with a bachelor’s degree than among those without. While workers with a bachelor’s degree earn about double that of their co-workers without a college education, the difference between men’s and women’s earnings widens with more education. Women’s median hourly earnings from salaries and wages increased $0.75 (3.2 percent) since the June 2018 quarter, to reach $24.50 in the June 2019 quarter. For men, the median increased $0.85 (3.3 percent) over the same period to reach $27.00. Dec 29, 2020 · Official data shows gender pay gap grows as women age The average salary of women working full time in their 50s was 23 per cent less than men of the same age, while women in their 60s earned 25 per cent … Understanding different gender pay gap types, reviewing wage gap statistics, and assessing existing gender pay gaps is crucial toward companies achieving women's equality. And, closing the gender pay gap typically requires a formal process to address pay equity. While this can be an immense amount...