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Haplogroup Z, the sister-clade of hg C, has a broad distribution ranging from northern Scandinavia (in Saami) to central Asia, Siberia, northern China and Korea. Phylogenetic analyses of complete mtDNA genomes revealed four major sub-clades of hg C, termed C1, C4, C5 and C7 (e.g., [3–7]). Of these, haplogroup C1 has one of the broadest ; the haplogroup results are therefore more definitive than the sub-haplogroup results in the current state of the data. Please see methods page for detailed information about data sources, ambiguities...Haplogroup D-M15, also known as D1a1 (and formerly D1) is a Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup. New!!: Haplogroup CT and Haplogroup D-M15 · See more » Haplogroup D-M174. In human genetics, Haplogroup D-M174 is a Y-chromosome haplogroup. New!!: Haplogroup CT and Haplogroup D-M174 · See more » Haplogroup DE. Haplogroup DE is a human Y-chromosome DNA ...