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13 LIMIT CIRCUIT LOCKOUT Disconnect thermostat leads to isolate short circuit. Green/Yellow wire MUST be connected to furnace sheet metal. – Flame sensor must not be grounded. To determine whether the problem is in the gas valve, The next time your gas furnace stops pumping out heat, use this handy checklist to do some furnace troubleshooting on your own—before calling in the So the first step in troubleshooting your furnace is to double-check that the thermostat is set correctly. "Many thermostats have to be physically set to...2/9/2019 · Check fuses and breakers when the furnace doesn't light. If the furnace doesn't come on in 60 seconds after pressing the reset, check the furnace fuses and circuit breaker. Replace or reset necessary fuses. Try to reset the furnace one more time. If the furnace does not relight, bleed the fuel line as described.