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1 OEM LH Axle 1 OEM RH Axle 2 OEM Hubs 1 OEM Differential Bolt 1 OEM 226 mm 3.06 Limited Slip Rear Differential *Use on 2006-2008 SRT-8 vehicles also requires purchase of the 2009 respective LX or LC SRT-8 Driveshaft. Call HHP at 888-894-1115 for availability. Axle fluid for use in limited slip differentials where API GL-5 performance is required. APPLICATION Recommended for use in differentials, gear boxes, and steering gears of many cars, trucks, farm machinery, earthmoving and excavating machinery requiring a hypoid lubricant. Here is about the differential fluid the provide at what axle it is for them: The PRO Guard D2 Synthetic 75W-90 limited slip gear oil exceeds the performance requirements of API GL-5 recommended for both open and limited slip applications. Note 1: Not for use in transmissions. Do not mix with other fluids.