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Service Manual: Parts List: Installation / Operation Instruction Manual: Quick Service Guide: Vent Kit Installation Manual: Warranty: 1105: 238-51636: 238-51516 Disc.Service Parts: 238-51005: QSG: 40/50S Flex 40/50S Solid 50H Flex 50H Solid: 39699 Concentric Direct Vent Termination Kit is designed for use with Rheem EcoSense Mid Efficiency Tankless gas indoor direct vent Units. Made of durable stainless steel, the kit includes the components required to construct a typical through-the-wall venting with horizontal termination.Re: Your thoughts on power vent water heaters from Lowe's and Home Depot? The lowes water heater is a direct vent. It does not have a power vent on it and It may not work in your area. The Home depot one is a power vent and is a little more efficient. The only time I would use a power vent is due to vent restrictions.