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Sewing Machines A great sewing machine is a must for your apparel retail business. With any of these sewing machines, you will make apparel that is professional looking and strong much faster than when you sew by hand, which improves customer satisfaction. Whether you're just starting out or upgrading, there is a sewing machine to meet your needs. Chemohat sewing patterns now offers instant solutions to both of these problems. WE WILL CONTINUE, as in the past, to offer the easy sewing patterns shown below for attractive, comfortable head coverings for men, women, and children. These provide complete head coverage as an immediate enhancement to your appearance, dignity, and self-esteem ... Be aware that these knitted face mask are not substitute for surgical mask!! I also include different versions with video tutorials to meet different demands on fabrics and skills, and also the Fabric Hand Sanitizer Holder Free Sewing Patterns to keep your safe! You may love: Crochet Mask Free Patterns + Knit Mask Patterns