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The starter causes the flywheel to turn which rotates the crankshaft when all is working correctly. Sometimes this process is interrupted when there is a hitch in the system, and the car engine won't continue to run after it "turns over" or cranks.Repeat until the long terms are close to 128 (+/- 2). When you are getting closer to 128, you can begin simply adding and subtracting rather than multiplying by % to fine-tune more easily. Open Loop. This mode is used when the oxygen sensors are not in use; whether at all for those who choose to run that way, or before they are warmed up. The unburned fuel particles go out the tailpipe and typically produce a rich fuel smell. It's not unusual to see white smoke in the exhaust during cold weather until the engine warms up. As mentioned earlier, bad glow plugs or a faulty glow plug control module can cause white smoke on engine start up.